Yesterday I tested Fab Modules to let our lab’s Epilog work.

What I used
lasercutter: Epilog Helix 24 Laser
OS: Ubuntu


see this tutorial

Connect a LAN cable between your Epilog and your hub and between your hub and your PC.
(I didn’t test but connecting Epilog and PC directly may work also.)

Administration: 管理

sytem settings


find network printer

type IP address of the printer then click Find

On Fab Modules

to process: Epilog lasercutter (.epi)

Click ‘make .epi’ then click ‘Send it!’

epi files probably were saved on your home directory [cd ~]
so you can see how Epilog CAM data is like by opening these files with a text editing application.

On Epilog

when the ‘Data’ LED of your epilog turns on but it does not get data from your pc, it probably means the print queues are stuck.
Go to system settings/printing, right click on ‘laser’, click View Print Queue, then cancel the queues.